Lorton Ltd. was founded in 1990 and consequently became a major embroidery and sewing producer in Bulgaria. As a member of the European Union, and NATO, trade with Bulgaria is convenient and safe. We are proud to say, that Lorton has been certified as an official producer for NATO with an individual NCAGE number 0032U. Lorton is an established and reliable business partner.

Lorton specializes in machine embroidery and sewing of promotional items (hats, t-shirts, flags..), uniforms, aprons, shirts, pants and more. Lorton is the larges embroidery company in Bulgaria, with 120 ZSK embroidery heads. Currently, Lorton has the newest, multifunctional embroidery machines that the professional market can offer. We can produce every type of embroidery, for the standard to the specialized type (tuft, cording, etc.) embroidery.

Also, Lorton has the latest designing/punching software for digitizing embroidery programs and an experienced staff that works around the clock to ensure quality and speedy programs.

Our company is fully equipped to complete the production cycle at our facilities, starting with the material preparation and cutting to sewing, ironing, and packaging the final product. Lorton works with wide array of materials, colors and models. If we dont already have the model that you envision, then we can easily design and produce it.

With our state of the art machines, advanced software, highly qualified personal, quality materials and capacity capability, Lorton can offer superior quality product at competitive prices. Therefore, LORTON is a wanted business partner and a leading producer of embroideries, sportswear and uniforms in the country.

Let us show you what we can do for you!

1. Съобщение за набиране на ценови предложения
„Предоставяне на професионално обучение за придобиване на професионална квалификация“
2. Съобщение за набиране на ценови предложения
„Доставка на информационни материали по проект „Подобряване достъпа до заетост и качеството на работните места в „Лортън” ЕООД“
3. Процедура за избор на изпълнител „Избор с публична покана” -
„Закупуване на оборудване за нуждите на проект „Подобряване достъпа до заетост и качество на работните места“


Lyudmila Ilieva

International Orders Director
Neli B. Ivanova

Lorton is family owned and operated business. Mrs. Lyudmila Ilieva is the president and founder of Lorton Ltd. She maintains control over the day to day operations of Lorton, and overall strategy of the company. While her husband, Stanislav Buserski deals with public relations and purchasing. Their daughter, Neli Ivanova permanently resides in San Diego, California, and deals with international orders. Since Lorton is a family business, you can be assured that, we take great care in every aspect of our business from the customer relations to the production quality.

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